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Welcome to Adam and Lyn's World Images!


As the site's main focus is our photographs this page is dedicated to the equipment that we use to take our piccies!

I was lucky enough to visit Canada for six weeks in July 1998 on a training course run by my then employer, DMR Consulting Group. To make the most of the picture taking opportunities I decided to treat myself to a decent camera. Up until this point I had only ever had a fixed focus compact camera (a Ricoh FF9) which, whilst giving excellent quality pictures, could be frustrating to use at times due to it's lack of zoom and the limited degree of control available.

After reading a few magazines and getting advice from camera shops I decided on the Canon EOS 500N (called the Rebel G in North America) and I haven't looked back!

The quality of the pictures produced is amazing and you can opt for any level of automation that you want, from point-and-shoot through to full manual.

If you're thinking of buying a new camera I'd urge you to spend that little bit extra, forget the compacts, and go for a full-blown SLR - the results are well worth it! I would also recommend a Canon without hesitation, mine's been easy to use, reliable, versatile and even with my limited skill has produced some great pictures!


I have a Canon EOS 500N with 28-80 and 75-300 USM lenses. Click on the pictures below for more info from the official Canon website.

Canon UK

EF28-80mm IV USM Canon EOS 500N EF75-300mm III USM


I usually use Kodak Royal Gold film and, if you're in the UK then I'd highly recommend 7DayShop, previously known as MX2 - The Camera Food Company. Their prices are far lower than anywhere else I've found (about half the price you'd expect to pay in the shops) and their service is extremely quick and reliable - films only usually take about 3 days to arrive.

Other Information

Try the following links for Kodak's guide to taking better pictures and the online version of the UK's EOS Magazine.

Kodak's Guide to Taking Better Pictures EOS Magazine

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